Other Services

Managed Fund

Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund was created in 2001 and invests strictly in preferred shares trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It is available to accredited investors across Canada directly from Hymas Investment Management Inc. It's exclusive focus on preferred shares, low fees and outstanding track record make it an attractive option for investors requiring a fixed-income component to their taxable portfolio.

Segregated Accounts

Hymas Investment Management also offers segregated account management to investors for whom the Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund is not suitable. Your account is in your name at a discount brokerage or other custodian - Hymas Investment has trading authority over the account, but no other powers. This arrangement allows a great deal of flexibility to investors, who may specify their individual tax considerations and restrictions for application to the account, while still receiving the benefits of cost-effective active management of the portfolio.

Analytical Software

Some institutional investors may want to have all the benefits of HIMIPref™ analytical software without giving up any control at all - and be able to perform their own independent checks of their broker's or other advisor's advice on a moment's notice. HIMIPref™ is available for licensing at a fraction of the cost of the most junior analyst - and puts the analytical capabilities of Hymas Investment Management at your beck and call.

Preferred Share Information

Summary information regarding all issues analyzed by HIMIPref™ is presented freely at www.prefInfo.com as a public service.

Daily Commentary

Detailed reports regarding the preferred share market, commentary on specific issues, news affecting particular issues and issuers, taxation, news regarding upgrades to HIMIPref™ ... Hymas Investment reports it all at www.prefBlog.com