Format of PrefLetter: Page 1

The format of Page 1 is highly variable — a description of the preferred share market cannot be expected to fit into the same format month after month, irregardless of current events! There are a number of tables with a recurrent theme presenting data, however, which can be discussed here with every expectation that subscribers will actually see such a table in the future!

New Issues and Announcements

Various issues may have been added to the HIMIPref™ database since the previous newsletter - if so, they will be listed here. Fields reported in the table are:

HIMIPref™ Index Returns

This table shows the returns for each HIMIPref™ index over the period since the last newsletter.

Other Reorganizations

There may have been reorganizations that affected issues tracked in the HIMIPref™ universe; if so, they will be reported in this table.


A brief overview of the state of the market since the previous newsletter. This may highlight credit rating changes, unusual market movements or any random thing that happens to catch my fancy!